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College Closure and Delay Policy

To receive cancellation or delay notice via text or email please register with our MAC Alert system. 

The College is committed to keeping campus safe and operational during inclement weather. During periods when severe weather is forecasted Mount Aloysius College officials are in regular contact with weather specialists and county and regional departments. 

The College’s policy is to remain open, if possible, for those students who can attend class during inclement weather.  However it is understood that our commuting students come from varied distances and in many cases varied climates.   It is therefore, also the policy of the College to treat student and employee tardiness or absences liberally on inclement weather days. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to use their own judgment in deciding whether or not road conditions are safe enough for travel in the area and at the time they are commuting to class, clinical or student teaching.  

Faculty understands that students may have to use their own discretion on challenging weather days. In such cases, students need to contact their faculty members (preferably in advance of the scheduled class) indicating that they have special weather-related circumstances that prevent their attendance.  It is the student’s responsibility to understand the class requirement and policies as they relate to missed classes and to ensure makeup classes, clinical and/or assignments are completed.  

In the past, Mount Aloysius College has closed Main campus and not a satellite campus such as Dubois.  This practice is no longer active.  When Mount Aloysius College closes or delays the Main campus, all other campuses are also closed or delayed for MAC students, including clinical sites.  Closures and delays apply to all undergraduate and graduate classes.  Please refer to the Compressed Class Schedule for class times in the event of a delay. 

Food Services

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Student Account Technology Information
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NEW STUDENTS - Short video shows how to access your student accounts for email, Canvas and MyMAC portal.  New accounts will be made a couple weeks prior to the start of the semester.  

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NEW STUDENTS - Use this page to find your computer login account information.  After you have your information see below MAC Student Account/Computer Information and MAC Online Registration Directions

You can also get your MyMac on any Apple or Android device.  Search the app store or android play store for "myMac Mobile" 

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College Master Calendar

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Check the Help tab for information and directions to subscribe to MAC Text Alert.(You must be logged in.)

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The Ethics Hotline may be accessed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year by calling toll free to 877-310-0415 or via the web at .
This system is an additional mechanism for reporting serious ethical issues, fraud or suspected illegal activity and unsafe or potentially dangerous conduct to College Administrators for investigation and proper handling.  Faculty, Staff and Students are encouraged to report issues or concerns to their supervisor or other College official when possible. However, the Ethics Hotline is intended to augment our internal reporting system when an individual is not comfortable using other reporting mechanisms and/or wishes to remain anonymous. This System is not a 911 service and situations involving imminent danger should be reported to Campus Security or the local authorities.


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Watch video to learn how to submit an Early Student Referral

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Watch video to learn how to follow up on an Early Student Referral

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Watch video to learn how to close out an Early Student Referral

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Student Account/Technology Information
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NEW students - Look here for your computer account information and registration instructions

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Directions how to add or drop a class.
InSite Time/attendance
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Directions for entering vacation, sick, and personal time as well as hours worked into InSite

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InSite Student Time entry directions

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Payroll schedule 2018-2019

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InSite Supervisor time approval directions

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InSite Student Time Entry and Supervisor Approval training video

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Phone Directories
Mount Aloysius College maintains the voicemail and phone switch on campus. To place calls on campus simply dial the 4-digit extension. To place a call off campus you must dial a 9 first then the number you wish to call.
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Focus On…WELLNESS for November includes articles related to Pre-diabetes and Smoking.  November is American Diabetes Month and November 16th is the Great American Smoke-out.

A copy of November’s National Health Observation Calendar is also included with links to information on any of the monthly topics.


Help us reach our goal to benefit the residents at Maple Winds Nursing Home in Portage,PA!
A group of student are conducting a community service project to raise funds which will be used to fill personal baskets for the residents of Maple Winds Nursing Home, located in Portage PA. 
The baskets will be filled with personal items such as: socks, body lotions, soap, shampoo/conditioner, body sprays, deodorants and fun things like cards, games, crossword/word search books and holiday decor for their rooms!
We are very passionate about this project and WE NEED YOUR HELP! 
We are only 19 baskets away from reaching our goal of 76 baskets! 
Each basket costs about $12 and we can even do the shopping for you. 
Baskets and donations can be brought to Brianna Baker in the Mission Integration office located at 116 Main. The last day for donations is Next Wednesday, November 14th by 3 pm!
Questions and on-campus pick up requests (if you can't make it into the M.I. office)  can be directed to Briana Feathers by text @850-902-6841
A flyer with a list of required items can be viewed in the attachment.
Briana Feathers

Calling all artists! 
The local community theater (Cresson Lake Playhouse) is looking for a MAC student to design logos for all of the 2019 shows! The logos are used on programs, websites, publications and more!  The logos need to be a .jpg or .gif file and should be around 5" x 5" but do not have to be square.
Attached you will find the information and show information. If you have any questions or want to enter your designs, please email by November 16. 
Attachments area