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Looking for a campus job that pays more than minimum wage? from Matt Bodenschatz Linda A LeaheyShow MyInfo popup for Linda A Leahey 8/21/2019 10:50:43 AM
The Office of Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions is seeking a motivated, responsible, hard-working student for the role of Student Tele-Counseling Coordinator.  This 20-hour-per-week job  pays more than minimum wage and is great for resume enhancement.
Responsibilities include:
  • Supervision of up to five work-study students
  • Coordination of work-study student schedules
  • Report-running and data tracking
  • Communication with prospective students via phone calls and text messages 
The qualified candidate must be willing to work evening hours between the days of Sunday and Thursday.  Please contact Matt Bodenschatz, Director of Graduate and Continuing Education Admissions, at or 814-886-6556 to inquire.