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Early Student Referral (.pdf, 909K, Downloaded: 339 times)
When to submit an ESR (.pdf, 223K, Downloaded: 327 times)
Student Account/Technology Information
MAC Student Account/Computer Information (.pdf, 2087K, Downloaded: 13270 times)

NEW students - Look here for your computer account information and registration instructions

MAC Online Registration Directions (.pdf, 1281K, Downloaded: 5645 times)
Directions how to add or drop a class.
InSite Time/attendance
InSite Time/attendance directions (.pptx, 861K, Downloaded: 4336 times)

Directions for entering vacation, sick, and personal time as well as hours worked into InSite

InSite Student Time entry directions (.pptx, 825K, Downloaded: 4114 times)

InSite Student Time entry directions

Pay Schedule (.xls, 39K, Downloaded: 4182 times)

Payroll schedule 2017-2018

InSite Supervisor time approval directions (.pptx, 746K, Downloaded: 3752 times)

InSite Supervisor time approval directions

Time Entry training videos (.pdf, 162K, Downloaded: 3463 times)

InSite Student Time Entry and Supervisor Approval training video

Reserved Facilities Information
Listing of Reserved Facilities (.xlsx, 73K, Downloaded: 19634 times)
Phone Directories
Mount Aloysius College maintains the voicemail and phone switch on campus. To place calls on campus simply dial the 4-digit extension. To place a call off campus you must dial a 9 first then the number you wish to call.
Phone Listing by Department (.htm, 158K, Downloaded: 26163 times)
Phone Listing by Alphabetical Order (.htm, 173K, Downloaded: 30593 times)
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