The office of the Registrar functions as an “academic services station” to all of Mount Aloysius’ constituents in a consistent, accessible, and friendly manner. The office supports the instructional and student progress endeavors of the College by providing quality services to students, faculty, academic and administrative departments, and the public. Functions include transcript requests, the academic calendar, and application for graduation.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Registrar's Office is to support the College's Mission and Philosophy by serving as the "office of academic records" for students, faculty, staff and the public. The Registrar’s Office major responsibilities include establishing and managing accurate and timely curricular and student academic records; providing efficient, knowledgeable, and respectful delivery of services related to those records; and implementing and enforcing institutional policies, and enforcing  legal standards and regulations related to academic records in a fair and consistent manner. The Registrar’s Office strives to investigate and utilize advanced technologies to accomplish its goals.

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The transcript is Mount Aloysius College’s official statement of your complete academic record.

Mount Aloysius College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide transcript ordering via the Web. You can order transcripts using any major credit card. Your card will only be charged after your order has been completed.


To order an official transcript(s), login to the Clearinghouse secure site.


The site will walk you through placing your order, including delivery options and fees. You can order as many transcripts as you like in a single session. A processing fee will be charged per recipient.

Order updates will be emailed to you. You can also track your order online.

Transcripts are not issued until all outstanding accounts with the College are paid.

Cash and check transcript requests can still be made in person in at the Registrar’s Office on campus. Our hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Through compliance with federal regulations regarding confidentiality of educational records, the Registrar’s Office WILL NOT process requests made over the telephone, by e-mail, or by anyone other than the student whose transcript is being requested.

Transcripts will be mailed out within five (5) business days from the date the request is received. Processing time after the end of each semester could increase by several business days due to the high volume of requests received. Standard delivery of transcripts is by first class U.S. mail.

If you have any questions on how to request a transcript, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Attention Students:  


Fall 2022 schedules will be available to view on MyMAC on March 1, 2022.  Please note that changes to the actual courses, days, and times could occur prior to the start of registration. 


Your academic advisor will able to clear you for fall registration beginning on March 1, 2022.



Determining Your Date of Registration

A detailed list of registration dates and times for all students can be viewed above Earned credits are a student’s transfer credits, Educational Enrichment (EE) credits and completed credits at Mount Aloysius. You can determine the first date you can register by logging into MyMAC and viewing the student tab. You will see information regarding your assigned web registration group and registration date on MyMAC.  Courses you are currently taking do not count towards your total earned credits.



Additionally, look on MyMAC to determine if you have any holds.  If so, please deal with the holds immediately, as holds from the Financial Aid Office, Controller's Office, Library, and Registrar's Office may prevent you from scheduling. Holds can be located on the Online Registration tab of your MyMAC account.


Once you log into MyMAC and move towards the Course Search/Registration area, you will need to read a message from the Financial Aid office regarding online courses and PHEAA State Grant regulations. You must confirm you have read this message in MyMAC before you will be able to schedule for courses.  


You will need to meet with your advisor to discuss courses for the upcoming semester and obtain registration clearance in the system. Your advisor is the only one who can clear you for registration. Please review your planned schedule prior to your registration date to ensure that there have not been changes to the classes you have planned to schedule.


Wait Listing

Wait listing will be available for all courses except associate degree nursing courses.  If you are wait listed for a course, please be aware that the course does not count towards your full time status. For example, if you are scheduled for three courses and wait listed for another, then you only have nine credits and are considered to be enrolled part time. This has an impact on your financial aid, grants, and scholarships. If you choose to wait list for a course, please meet with your advisor to explore adding other courses to your schedule or redesigning your schedule to include a section of the course that is still open.


Online Courses

Online courses that end in GCE.ONLN will only be available to students in GCE specified programs.  If there are any remaining seats in these online courses, they will be opened to all students (aside from freshman with 14 or less credits earned) on Wednesday, June 1 at 12:00 a.m.  You will be able to use MyMAC to add available courses.


If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact the Registrar's Office.



Consult with the Financial Aid Dept. to determine how adding/dropping or withdrawing will affect your financial aid.



Students may add/drop courses within the first calendar week of the semester. For summer courses, please contact the Business Office. Adding/dropping courses will not affect a transcript or GPA.


Course Withdrawal

A Student may withdraw from a class from the first week of the semester through the 12th week of the semester with a grade of “W” or “WF”. The grade will appear on a transcript but will not affect GPA. Students maintain their enrollment status at the level it was prior to the withdrawal.




Weeks 2-12

With approval of Advisor

W (Official Withdrawal)

Nursing - Weeks 2-8

With approval of Advisor

W (Official Withdrawal)

Nursing - Weeks 9-12

With approval of Advisor

WF (Withdrawal Failing)

For the complete withdrawal policy, visit the website:


Term Withdrawal

A withdrawal form must be completed and turned into the Registrar’s Office to officially withdraw from Mount Aloysius College.  

When a student officially withdraws from the College, before completing the period of enrollment for which they were charged, they may be entitled to receive a partial credit of tuition, room and/or board, if applicable. Board will only be credited if the student officially and voluntarily withdraws from the College and residence hall.  See College catalog.


Basic Tuition and Fees may be credited as follows:

Before or During the 1st week of school

100% refund of tuition and fees

During the 2nd and 3rd weeks

80% refund of tuition and fees

During the 4th and 5th weeks

60% refund of tuition and fees

During the 6th and 7th weeks

40% refund of tuition and fees

8th Week and Beyond

0% refund of tuition and fees

Room and Board will follow the same refund calculation as the tuition and fees.


Please refer to the College Catalog for additional information regarding refund policies.

Graduation Application & Commencement Information


Deadlines to Apply for Graduation

Students are required to apply for graduation at least one semester prior to when they intend to graduate.  This allows adequate time for the students to review his or her graduation requirements with his or her academic advisor. 

The deadline to apply for May graduation is the first week of November.  The deadline to apply for August or December graduation is the first week of April.  Please consult the Academic Calendar for the exact date. 

Once a student has applied for graduation and has scheduled for his or her last semester, the Registrar’s Office will conduct a pre-gradation audit.  The results of this audit will be sent to both student and his or her academic advisor.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the student, not the Registrar’s Office, to see that all requirements are met under the student’s assigned catalog year. 

Transfer Credit Policy

Residency Requirement for Graduation

Students must complete their final thirty (30) semester hours before graduation in residency.  This policy applies to students in associate and bachelor degree programs.  This policy does not apply to students enrolled in identified cooperative or articulated programs in the College’s cooperative programs.  Exemptions to the residency requirement may be made by the Registrar in individual cases.

Transfer Credit Questions

If you have questions regarding how your credits were transferred in from another institution, please stop by the Registrar’s Office.  In order to best apply your credit, you may be asked to provide a syllabus for a course in question.  The syllabus will be reviewed by the department chairperson and he or she will provide a recommendation to the Registrar’s Office.

If you are interested in taking a course at another institution while enrolled at Mount Aloysius College, you must stop by the Registrar’s Office to complete a Credit Evaluation Form to ensure the courses are transferable and that you eligible to transfer in additional credits to the institution.

Articulation Agreements Portlet

Active Articulation Agreements


The Registrar’s Office is open Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and the main office is located in Main Administration Building, Room 103.

Address:  Mount Aloysius College

  7373 Admiral Peary Highway

  Cresson, PA 16630

Main Office Telephone Number: 814-886-6400 or 814-886-6343

Fax Number: 814-886-2750

Office Email:


Office Staff

Celeste McCoy, Registrar

Telephone Number: 814-886-6492

Main Administration Building, Main 104

Maireade Byrne, Associate Registrar and VA Certifying Official

Telephone Number: 814-886-6337

Main Administration Building, Main 106

Deanna Hamilton, Records and Registration Specialist

Telephone Number: 814-886-6343

Main Administration Building, Main 103

Mercedes Langer, Records and Registration Specialist

Telephone Number: 814-886-6344

Main Administration Building, Main 103