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Attention Students:

*** The Spring 2018 schedule is now available on MyMAC - Please note that changes are still possible***

Determining Your Date of Registration
A detailed list of registration dates and times for all students has been posted on the Registrar’s Office Tab on MyMAC.  Earned credits are a student’s transfer credits, Educational Enrichment (EE) credits and completed credits at Mount Aloysius.  You can determine the first date you can register by logging into MyMAC and viewing the student tab. You will see information regarding your assigned web registration group and registration date on MyMAC.  Courses you are currently taking do not count towards your total earned credits.
Additionally, look on MyMAC to determine if you have any holds.  If so, please deal with the holds immediately, as holds from the Financial Aid Office, Controller's Office, Library, and Registrar's Office may prevent you from scheduling.  Holds can be located on the Online Registration tab of your MyMAC account.
Once you log into MyMAC and move toward the Course Search/Registration area, you will need to read a message from the Financial Aid office regarding online courses and PHEAA State Grant regulations.  You must confirm you have read this message in MyMAC before you will be able to schedule for courses.  
You will need to meet with your advisor to discuss courses for the upcoming semester and obtain registration clearance in the system.  Your advisor is the only one who can clear you for registration.  It is very important that you meet with him or her during the next three weeks. Please review your planned schedule prior to your registration date to ensure that there have not been changes to the classes you have planned to schedule.
Advisors will be able to begin to clear students for spring 2018 on Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Wait Listing
Wait listing will again be available for all courses, except associate degree Nursing courses.  If you are wait listed for a course, please be aware that the course does not count toward your full time status.  For example, if you are scheduled for three courses and wait listed for another, then you only have nine credits and are considered to be enrolled part time.  This has an impact on your financial aid, grants, and scholarships. If you choose to wait list for a course, please meet with your advisor to explore adding other courses to your schedule or redesigning your schedule to include a section of the course that is still open.
Online Courses
Students who are on-campus and not in a program offered through the Graduate and Continuing Education (GCE) department, will be able to register for online courses that end in WEB.MAIN immediately.   Because of the growth of the programs in GCE, online courses that end in GCE.ONLN will only be available to students in GCE specified programs.  If there are any remaining seats in these online courses, they will be opened to all students (aside from freshman with 14 or less credits earned) on Friday, December 1, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.  You will be able to use MyMAC to add available courses. The following online sections of courses are available to only students in GCE programs:  LA 101.GCE.ONLN, LA 201.GCE.ONLN, and LA 301.GCE.ONLN.
Compressed Schedule 
On days that the College will open at 10:00 a.m., all classes will run according to the compressed schedule, posted on the Delays, Cancellations and Alerts web page. When planning your spring schedule with your academic advisor, please consider how the Compressed Schedule affects any other responsibilities you may have during the semester.  The compressed schedule allows all classes to meet on a day there is a weather delay.  However, class start times are pushed to later in the day.  The regular schedule resumes at 4:00 p.m.
Online courses will not be affected by the compressed schedule. Meeting times for advising, tutoring, and other appointments should be confirmed with the individual you were to meet with.