Consult with the Financial Aid Dept. to determine how adding/dropping or withdrawing will affect your financial aid.



Students may add/drop courses within the first calendar week of the semester. For summer courses, please contact the Business Office. Adding/dropping courses will not affect a transcript or GPA.


Course Withdrawal

A Student may withdraw from a class from the first week of the semester through the 12th week of the semester with a grade of “W” or “WF”. The grade will appear on a transcript but will not affect GPA. Students maintain their enrollment status at the level it was prior to the withdrawal.




Weeks 2-12

With approval of Advisor

W (Official Withdrawal)

Nursing - Weeks 2-8

With approval of Advisor

W (Official Withdrawal)

Nursing - Weeks 9-12

With approval of Advisor

WF (Withdrawal Failing)

For the complete withdrawal policy, visit the website:


Term Withdrawal

A withdrawal form must be completed and turned into the Registrar’s Office to officially withdraw from Mount Aloysius College.  

When a student officially withdraws from the College, before completing the period of enrollment for which they were charged, they may be entitled to receive a partial credit of tuition, room and/or board, if applicable. Board will only be credited if the student officially and voluntarily withdraws from the College and residence hall.  See College catalog.


Basic Tuition and Fees may be credited as follows:

Before or During the 1st week of school

100% refund of tuition and fees

During the 2nd and 3rd weeks

80% refund of tuition and fees

During the 4th and 5th weeks

60% refund of tuition and fees

During the 6th and 7th weeks

40% refund of tuition and fees

8th Week and Beyond

0% refund of tuition and fees

Room and Board will follow the same refund calculation as the tuition and fees.


Please refer to the College Catalog for additional information regarding refund policies.