Transfer Credit Policy

Residency Requirement for Graduation

Students must complete their final thirty (30) semester hours before graduation in residency.  This policy applies to students in associate and bachelor degree programs.  This policy does not apply to students enrolled in identified cooperative or articulated programs in the College’s cooperative programs.  Exemptions to the residency requirement may be made by the Registrar in individual cases.

Transfer Credit Questions

If you have questions regarding how your credits were transferred in from another institution, please stop by the Registrar’s Office.  In order to best apply your credit, you may be asked to provide a syllabus for a course in question.  The syllabus will be reviewed by the department chairperson and he or she will provide a recommendation to the Registrar’s Office.

If you are interested in taking a course at another institution while enrolled at Mount Aloysius College, you must stop by the Registrar’s Office to complete a Credit Evaluation Form to ensure the courses are transferable and that you eligible to transfer in additional credits to the institution.

Articulation Agreements Portlet

Active Articulation Agreements